revenge thong


Seductive and cool for special hours

• Strapy thong with lacing
• Made of supple mesh fabric
• All straps are adjustable

• Sewn exclusively by hand according to your measurements
• Can be combined with all pieces of the Opium collection !

You want to emphasize your individuality? The fantastic Revenge lingerie set is the perfect choice for this. Don't waste any more time and get it now!

The "Revenge" lingerie string with its premium quality strap details is a fashionable piece that is equipped with useful functions and guarantees you an ideal fit. The high-quality mesh is pleasantly soft on the skin, and thanks to the premium manufacturing you will enjoy this beautiful piece for a long time - an investment that is worthwhile.

Brilliant design, professional cut and consistently high-quality seams. The side straps draw everyone's attention!

This lingerie is lovingly handcrafted individually for you according to your measurements. The professional work and many years of experience of our seamstresses enables maximum accuracy and an ideal fit.

This individually tailored, stylish design shows off your figure perfectly. The lingerie set for the delicate and feminine woman should not be missing in your wardrobe.


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