Lexi Strapsgürtel


The Lexi suspender belt is a real eye-catcher. Through its red

Details make it an absolute eye-catcher. This lingerie emphasizes

beautifully enhances your feminine curves and ensures a

attractive silhouette. The clever cut fits your figure perfectly

to its advantage!

The tailor-made Lexi suspender belt comes in beautiful

Made of premium lace and decorated with red floral details.

The Lexi suspender belt is made from premium fabricffen in exclusive

Handmade for you according to your measurements and corresponds to

highest quality standards.

Our Lexi suspender belt is the perfect accessory for women who

Want to emphasize your femininity and sensuality. It's comfortable,

durable and is handcrafted to the highest

To ensure quality and longevity. With this

Accessories will make you feel attractive and your natural

Express beauty.

Discover the benefits of tailor-made lingerie and feel

the difference!

- Tailored

- All straps are adjustable

- The set can be completed with a bra, thong and choker


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