Kaite String


  Our newr Kaite String will be maßtailored for you to ensure a perfect fit >äperform! Thisr beautifulopenstring featuresügt üvia adjustable straps forür the perfect fit and a clever design that emphasizes your figure.


  With this string you will have a sensual and attractive appearance and feel absolutely self-confidentü hlen. Combine it with the Kaite suspender belt and bra for the perfect look!


The excitingn details and the high-quality premium fabric make this IT piece a fashionable itemück that you will enjoy for a long time.


The Kaite String is the perfect choice forüfor special occasionsäse or if you just times seduceüleaderfully leadühlen möchtest. Gögive it to you now and pamper yourself with maö t2728>ßtailored lingerie!



Dimensionßtailored für the perfect fit
Adjustable strapchen für zusäuseful comfort
Cleveres, figure-flattering design
Exciting, sensual Premium Details
Handmade from soft and high quality materials

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