Berta Slip


Cool briefs for confident women

• High-waisted briefs 
• Made of supple mesh fabric
• Tailored for YOU and your needs
• Lovingly handcrafted in premium quality
• Can be combined with other sets

Do you want to emphasize your style? The fantastic “Berta” lingerie set is the perfect choice for this. Don't waste any more time and get it now!

The “Berta” lingerie briefs with their exciting cut-outs in premium quality are a fashionable piece that is equipped with useful functions and guarantees you an ideal fit. The high-quality mesh fabric is pleasantly soft on the skin, and thanks to the premium manufacturing, you will enjoy this beautiful piece for a long time - an investment that is worth it.

Brilliant design, professional cut and high quality stitching throughout. The transparent mesh fabric makes this set modern and comfortable at the same time.

This lingerie is lovingly handcrafted. The Berta briefs are lovingly handcrafted for you

This stylish design shows off your figure perfectly. The lingerie set for the delicate and feminine woman should not be missing from your wardrobe.


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