Ava Pink String


  The Ava String in soft pink is a It-piece that you definitely can't resist. The clever design emphasizes your curves and brings out your figure to its best advantage.


  The delicate pink gives it a feminine touch, while äadds exciting details toäadd additional sensualityügen. Our Lingerie is handcrafted from soft, high-quality materials that feel wonderful Your skinüfeel. With this String forü you feel comfortable in your skin, confident and attractive!


  This Lingerie is the perfect gift for yourself or forü t1741>ür your special someone. With this lingerie you can look forward to sensual and seductiveusensual adventures.


With our Ava String f üDo you feel confident and attractive. What are you waiting for? Get your tailor-made lingerie today!



Maßtailored design forür perfect fit
Adjustable straps für togetherä useful comfort
Sensual, pink trend color
Clever, figure-flattering design
Exciting details ensure üräadditional sensuality
Handcrafted from soft and high quality Premium materials

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