Grace blue bra

$98.00 $164.00

This elegant Grace bra is made from beautiful premium

Lace made to your measurements. The clever design brings

Your figure is shown to its best advantage and gives your chest the perfect

Stop. This lingerie is available in two beautiful colors:

Dark blue and black. This gorgeous bra has the

certain extra is the ideal companion for every day.

With its clever design elements, it emphasizes your advantages

skillfully and adapts thanks to the tailor-made manufacture

perfectly to your body. In two beautiful colors

available in navy and black.

The Grace bra is made from premium materials and

snuggles up to your body like a second skin. The

Exclusive patterns give this lingerie elegance and finesse.

- Custom made

- Lovingly handcrafted for you

- soft cup, padded or push-up cup possible

- Made from premium lace

Discover the benefits of tailored lingerie today

and feel the difference!

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